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Clinical Prosthetic and Orthotic Manufacturer, Exporter and Importer

Prosthetic, Orthotic & Mobility Aids Centre.

Manufacturer, Exporter & Importer 

Prosthetic, Orthotic & Mobility Aids Centre.

Manufacturer, Exporter & Importer 


How do I Schedule an appointment for my Patient?

Please call our office at 022-24453547, 9922112220 to set up an appointment. We will try to see the patient within 48 hours depending upon available time slots. There is no charge for initial consultation or second opinion.

Are walk in appointments welcomed?

Orthopaedic Industries encourages all patients to call ahead to schedule appointments. This reduces wait time and ensures that each patient gets a quality visit. However, walk-in appointments are welcome.

Is Prescription Required?

A prescription is not required for consultation or initial evaluation. However, a prescription is required in order for us to provide a device to a patient, which can be given by our Qualified Prosthetist & Orthotist clinician after evaluation of the patient. We strongly recommend each patient obtain a prescription during measurement along with the written concern form. Orthopaedic Industries will be happy to assist patients in this process. If requested, we will give a written plan outlining our course of treatment at no charge.

Are there any service charges for an after visit?

Orthopaedic Industries does not charge for routine office visits. Routine office visits and adjustments are covered under the initial device warranty. Non-routine adjustments/repairs may be subject to a fee for the benefit of the patient.

Is there any home services available?

For patients who are unable to come make a trip to our offices or arrange transportation our specialists provide services at homes, nursing facilities, assisted living places at certain terms

Are Prosthetic/ orthotic devices covered by Insurance?

The answer to this question depends upon your insurance plan, the device needed and your diagnosis. Depending upon your insurance, you may have a deductible, copay or a percentage of the total cost that you will be responsible for paying. The staffs at our clinical offices should be able to inform you of the probability of coverage. Insurance coverage is NOT a guarantee of full payment.

How often can patients return for adjustments?

There is no limit to the number of visits a patient can request. We are here to help.

What is the Cost of any Prosthetic or Orthotic Device?

Once you are evaluated and the full scope of the device is determined by the clinician, we will have a clearer picture of the price. We are very competitive in our pricing and assure you the best price for a quality product.

How long will it take for me to receive my device?

Custom devices and special orders take approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the design and components selected.
Off the shelf, prefabricated devices may be delivered the same day if we have them in stock.

Why should I get a prosthesis?

A prosthetic limb can enhance your quality of life after an amputation. With a lower limb amputation, above or below the knee, a prosthesis may help you gain freedom of movement and avoid dependence on wheelchairs or crutches. Upper limb amputees may also benefit from prosthesis, depending on what functions you want to regain. We also fit partial foot and hand prostheses. We have partial foot inserts to replace part of an amputated foot or toes. There are also partial hand prostheses to help regain functions with the replacement of fingers.

Will I be able to use my Prosthesis just like I used my natural limb?

Although a prosthesis will never completely replace your natural limb, it can help restore all or most of your original functioning. This is partially reliant on your level of amputation. Below the Knee amputees usually do well in returning to former lifestyles. Above the knee amputees may proceed more slowly but usually can return to former lifestyles as well. Depending on personal goals and needs, patients with upper limb amputations have varied rates of success in restoring former lifestyles.

When my patient should be fitted with a prosthesis?

We feel that the earliest a patient can be fit with prosthesis, the better. We utilize the IPOP (Immediate Post Operative Prosthesis) whenever possible. This can be applied as early as the initial amputation to provide protection to the amputated limb and help with the psychological component of limb loss as well. Rehab can start with touchdown weight bearing for lower extremity as soon as the next day. For upper extremity amputations, it is necessary to fit them within the first 30 days to prevent the patient from becoming one handed.

How many prosthesis will my patient need?

The answer to that is dependent upon the individual. I like to give the example of shoes. How many shoes do you have? Why? Multiple shoes for different occasion are right? Well a prosthesis is similar. First off, it is important that an amputee have a backup prosthesis. If the prosthesis breaks, and they are on vacation, or in the middle of an important job, they must have something to put on until the other prosthesis can be repaired (and walk into the prosthetic clinic with!). Some younger patients may need a sports specific prosthesis that is set up for running or jogging. It may be made of carbon fiber and be without a cosmetic cover so it can get dirty and wet.

Can my prosthesis get wet?

Generally, your prosthesis should be kept as dry as possible to protect the components. However, there are covers which go over them to help prevent water from entering. There are also special prostheses designed for water activities such as swimming and showering.

What is different about our shoes then what I can buy at the store?

Our shoes meet the stringent standards set forth in Medicare’s Diabetic Shoe Bill (in U.S.A). They have extra depth to accommodate special inserts, come in full and half sizes and in a variety of widths. We custom-fit each patient with a style that is best suited to their type of foot.
For more information regarding Therapeutic Shoes visit the Pedorthic Footwear Association website.

What will my foot Orthotics do for me?

Your physician will prescribe a foot orthotic for you based on your diagnosis. Depending upon your condition, one of several styles of foot orthotics can be provided for you.
If the foot orthotics are called “functional,” that means they are intended to control or limit unwanted motion in the foot or ankle and improve alignment of the skeletal structures of the foot.
An “accommodative” foot orthotic is designed to redistribute weight throughout the foot to reduce pressure areas. It will also provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

Which Kind of Orthotics is Better – Customised or Prefabricated?

There is no hard and fast rule on this. Orthotics are given by the physician as per the particular patients needs and requirements, which are individualized for the patient.

How do I maintain cleanliness and hygiene of my device?

It’s a must and will be suggested by the clinician at the time of your delivery.

How long am I supposed to wear my device?

Your physician will determine when you are to wear your brace, for how long, and what activities you should or should not do while wearing your brace. The physician will also determine when you can discontinue wearing your brace.

Is every device individualized or can it be also used by others?

No, it should not be used by any other person because each devices are designed as per the individual condition and problems.

Please feel free to contact us at 022-24453547/ 9922112220 or email us at if you have any questions.

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